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R. Furukawa » Mrs. Furukawa, Grade 5

Mrs. Furukawa, Grade 5

Tue. 1/8
Study spelling words
spelling p. 81
Grammar p. 66
Math p. 373-4
Signed science project topic sheet due Mon.  Your child will be discussing this with you.
Health packet due Fri., third page is due tomorrow .  Some classroom time will be given.
SQS (survey) in white envelope is to be mailed by March 15.  Thank you for taking the time to complete this survey.
Wed. 1/9
Spelling, grammar, vocabulary, and "Winter's Tale" tests are on Friday.
spelling p. 81
grammar p. 67
Math mid-chapter test is on Friday.
Math p. 379-80
Please continue to collect and submit Box Tops
Health packet due Fri.
Thu. 1/10
Lang. Arts tests are tomorrow, see Wed.
Math 6.1-6.5 review sheets
Mid-chapter test is tomorrow
Signed passcards are due Mon.
Health Packet due tomorrow
Fri. 1/11
IXL/Achieve sheet due 1/25
Sci. Project topic due on Mon.
Mon. 1/14
Study spelling words and vocabulary definitions
Spelling p. 86
Grammar p. 71
Math p. 383-8
SGS Survey to be mailed by 3/15 (White envelope given last week.)
Box Tops
Tue. 1/15
Study spelling words
sp p. 87
Gram p. 72
Math p. 389-94
IXL/Achieve sheet due 1/25
Wed. 1/16
Macchu Picchu and vocabulary test is tomorrow
Spelling p. 88
Grammar p. 73
Math on folder paper
Please continue to submit Box Tops
Signed tests due Fri.
Thu. 1/17
Spelling & grammar tests are tomorrow.
Spelling words, 3x each
Grammar p. 74
Math p. 395-400