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Welcome to the Information Age!  The Nimitz Library Media Center is filled with fun and informational books and magazines, computers, and learning materials.  It is open during morning recess for reading and borrowing books.
During lunch recess, students will find a quiet place for reading or doing homework.  Preschool through Grade 6 students visit the library with their class every week.  During this time, students in the lower grades learn to use the library and participate in a read aloud time to enhance their comprehension, listening, and thinking skills.  Learners in the upper grades are taught to effectively and ethically navigate today's Information World, i.e., the Internet, so they can be successful in future academic endeavors, their careers, and as community contributors.
Books are on loan for a two week period.  Students who DO NOT RIDE THE BUS and parents are invited to visit our Nimitz Library to borrow books after school.  Studies prove that reading for several minutes everyday boosts learning and test scores!
Care of Books
The student is responsible for the textbooks and library books assigned to him/her until the books are recalled by the teachers/librarian.  Books assigned to the student and left in the classroom are still the responsibility of the student.  All textbooks are to be protected with book covers.  Books need to be handled with care at all times and kept away from food, water, babies, and pets.
Payment of Lost and Damaged Books
Any student who is found to be responsible for the loss, destruction, breakage, or damage of school books, which shall include library books and/or materials and textbooks, will make restitution to the school including the payment by the pupil or pupil's parent of the actual replacement cost of the book.