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A Partnership of the Military Community and the Public Schools of Hawaii 
JVEF is comprised of public school educators, and 
leaders from military commands, government, community and business.



The Joint Venture Education Forum (JVEF) is comprised of public school educators, and leaders from military commands, business, government, and community.


A cooperative venture between the U.S. Pacific Command military community and the Hawaii Department of Education (DOE) facilitating active military participation in Hawaii Public Education serving to advance the military community's responsibility in the pursuit of quality education for Hawaii's public school students.


To provide continuous coordination throughout Hawaii in pursuit of maintaining open dialogue on educational concerns that 1) promotes an understanding of and support for the needs of military children and families, in particular, transition issues, and 2) facilitates educational support for Hawaii's public school students.

Joint Venture Education Forum Initiatives Deployment Response Team

JVEF organized a statewide effort to help school personnel understand the significant added stress upon families of deployed troops.

School Liaison Officers

Hawaii can boast the only location in the world where each of the major military services dedicates a valuable position to a school liaison officer (SLO). These people have been vital to the engagement and the relationship of the military in the public schools. For SLO contact information, go to:

Cherise Imai is the military liaison for the DOE and can be contacted at, or 808-271-5724.

Military Culture Course

The course helps teachers and counselors learn about military protocol, military life, issues in transition and deployment, and the special concerns families have with coming to Hawaii.

Transition and Citizenship Grants

Grant monies are used to create or enhance citizenship programs and transition programs that assist new students more smoothly enter schools.

Military Impacted Principals Council (MIPC)

A JVEF Commendation for School Assistance to Military Students would be awarded to schools that clearly develop initiatives to support military dependent students. The Council successfully lobbied to have transitioning students included in the Weighted Student Formula proposed by the Board of Education. The principals have opened conversations with Tripler Army Medical Center to develop communications channels and guidelines more effectively service military dependents with special needs.

Joint Venture Education Forum Initiatives

Hawaii 3R's (Repair, Remodel, Restore) - Since FY 2001, Senator Inouye's effort to reduce the huge backlog of school repair and maintenance projects has been funded in large part by federal monies passed through JVEF. Military impacted and military partnered schools have benefited with nearly $6.5M worth of projects completed. Playgrounds - With playgrounds to be restored on eight campuses with JVEF funds and two others with H3R's efforts, all military impacted schools will be able to enjoy at least two playgrounds. Textbook and Technology - Principals were given the opportunity to divide up a lump sum text and tech allocation to more appropriately meet the needs of each school. "Good neighbor" allocations were initiated to schools that reside near a military installation regardless of percentage or number of military students. In addition, "low impact" schools (those with <20% military students) and "good neighbor" schools will be receiving present and future JVEF assistance on a rotational basis. Repair and Maintenance (R&M) Projects - The bulk of R&M funds (75%) has been earmarked for military impacted schools while the rest were designated for any school with a military partnership.

Under Playgrounds, Nimitz Elementary received new playground equipment from JVEF for the lower grades.

Under Textbook and Technology, Nimitz Elementary has been receiving funds for the past 5-6 years. Funds for IT included mobile carts with Apple laptops; Everyday Math textbooks, consumables, and manipulatives; and language arts textbooks. During SY 2007-2008 , Nimitz Elementary received over $37,000 to purchase a mobile lab with laptop computers. $10,751 was used to purchase workbooks to accompany our Language Arts and Mathematics curricula. Also, Transition Center funding for the furniture in the Vice Principal's office included a TV, new cabinets, conference room table, chairs, and desk. New chairs in the administration office lobby table were funded as well.

Under Repair and Maintenance Projects, the concrete sidewalk from C-Bldg. Rm. 110 to the parking lot was funded. Its purpose is to allow easy access for the handicapped when there is an off-campus evacuation.