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Hawaii is among 21 member states (plus the U.S. Virgin Islands) leading a Smarter Balanced Assessment Consortium that developed a new assessment system to measure whether students are meeting the Common Core State Standards (CCSS)​​ for Mathematics and English Language Arts/Literacy (ELA), and are on-track for college and career readiness. Hawaii students in grades 3-8 and 11 will take the Smarter Balanced Assessments for the first time in spring 2015.

There are three assessment components to Smarter Balanced: A computer-adaptive test, a classroom activity, and a performance task.

  1. Computer Adaptive Test: An online adaptive test that provides an individualized assessment for each student.
  2. Classroom Activity: A group exercise, usually lasting about 30 minutes, meant to provide context and familiarize all students with an upcoming Performance Task.
  3. Performance Task: Tasks that challenge students to apply their knowledge and skills to respond to real-world problems. They can best be described as collections of questions and activities that are coherently connected to a single theme or scenario.​ They​ will be used to better measure capacities such as depth of understanding, research skills, and complex analysis, which cannot be adequately assessed with selected- or constructed-response items. Some performance task items can be scored by the computer; most will be manually​​ scored.

On average, the assessments are expected to last a combined 7 hours for grades 3-5. The test is not timed; students will be given appropriate time to answer all questions. The tests can be administered over several days. 

Our students will be administered an Interim Comprehensive Assessment between 2/17/2015 and 3/02/2015.  Practice tests can be done at home.  These are only a preview, and do not encompass the full range of content that students may encounter. Also, they are presented in a “fixed form” (i.e., not computer adaptive) and users will not receive reports or scores.​  The practice tests are available at:

 “Celebrating 60 years of nurturing students to achieve their full potential”
Admiral Chester W. Nimitz Elementary School, a Department of Education, State of Hawaii school, first opened in September, 1954. Currently the school serves 729 children in Kindergarten through Grade 6. The school also services preschool children with special needs. Our address is 520 Main Street, Honolulu, Hawaii, 96818. We can be reached at (808) 421-4165, and our fax is (808) 421-4170. Thank you for visiting our site.

Based on the SY 2012-2013 results, Nimitz Elementary School has been classified in Continuous Improvement, the second highest level of the Strive HI Performance System.
Candidate for Accreditation in Grades K-6  
Approved by the Accrediting Commission for Schools
Western Association of Schools and Colleges
533 Airport Blvd., Suite 200, Burlingame, CA 94010